Changes to the Tardy Policy

Changes to the Tardy Policy

Posted on 09/27/2018

Tardy Procedure

Clinton High School

2018 – 2019

1st Tardy – Warning

2nd Tardy – Warning – Letter to Parent

3rd Tardy – Warning – Administrator

4th Tardy – ASD – 1 day

5th Tardy – Warning

6th Tardy – ASD – 2 days

7th Tardy – Warning

8th Tardy – ASD – 3 days

9th Tardy – Warning

10th Tardy – ISS – 1 day – Parent Conference/Administrator

11th Tardy – Warning

12th Tardy – ISS – 2 days

13th Tardy – Warning

14th Tardy – ISS – 3 days

15th Tardy – Warning

16th Tardy – OSS – 1 day – Parent Conference/Administrator

-ASD runs from 2:50 – 4:20

-Student must be on time in order to enter the classroom for ASD. No late arrivals will be allowed to enter.

-Tardies are cumulative and count from all periods.

-Students who do not show up for ASD will be placed in ISS.

-Students who are absent the day of ASD, and have an excused note from a doctor etc., will be placed in ASD on the following available date.

-Students are responsible for bringing work and materials (paper, pencils, pens, etc.) when assigned to ASD.