Principal's Corner - Messages

The Principal's Corner will be used to share information from a variety of sources (messages, correspondence, Twitter, etc.) The primary form of communication will be from the School Messenger Messages sent to our families. I will paste the messages in reverse chronological order newest to oldest so that you may read them for yourself. Follow me, Dr. Miller, on Twitter as well. I am @DarkHorseDoc on Twitter. I share athletic information, upcoming events, and newsworthy items as well.

Darkhorse Families: This message contains information about the Academic Awards Banquet, Progress Reports, and the Yearbook Signing Party. First letters of invitation for the Academic Awards Banquet were sent home over a week ago to Seniors with a 3.75 GPA or higher, Freshmen - Juniors with a 4.0 GPA or higher inviting them to the banquet. Each student gets one ticket FREE, parent/family tickets are $12 per ticket. The deadline to pick-up and purchase tickets is tomorrow, Monday, May 7. The banquet will be held on Tuesday, May 15, 2018, at 6 pm at the Sampson Agri-Exposition Center. Second, Progress Reports are on their way from Friday. Please check with your student about progress reports. We also HIGHLY recommend a weekly check of the Powerschool Parent Portal. Last, there are a few yearbooks remaining for sale. The CHS Yearbook Staff did a GREAT job assembling the yearbook. Any student who has purchased a yearbook is eligible for the May 18 Yearbook Signing & Pizza Party. Surf on to to purchase the last remaining copies of the book. Go Horses!

DarkHorse Families: This message contains two items related to report cards and the football interest meeting. First, we trust you've had a safe and restful Spring Break. It is imperative that you return and finish strongly for the final quarter. Third Quarter report cards come home on Friday, April 13. Please ask for the report card from your student and continue to keep an eye/ear out for their academic progress on the PowerSchool Portal. Next, Clinton High School is proud to announce Mr. Corey Johnson as the new Clinton High School Head Football Coach. Coach Johnson is coming to us from Scotland High School and will be at school tomorrow, Monday, April  9 to meet students and faculty during the day. He will also host his first Football Interest Meeting for 2:30 p.m. in the Sonny Faison Gymnasium. Please make arrangements to pick up interested football players who would ordinarily ride the bus home. Go Horses!

DarkHorse Family - We have two brief items for CHS related to our Emergency Inclement Weather Drill and the 18-19 Curriculum Registration Night. First, we are holding our Inclement Weather Drill tomorrow morning. This drill will assist the teachers and students in practicing where to go and what to do in a Tornado Watch or Warning. Our beautiful building has a number of challenges for students and staff sheltering in place because of the open spaces. We will also continue to educate students about their response during lunchtime should there be a Code Red Emergency Lockdown Drill. Next, registration for the 2018-19 school year has begun, this message is our final reminder for all of the information sent home in calls and the flyer. This Curriculum Registration ONLY applies to  RISING 9th-12th graders. I have attached the FLYER sent home two weeks ago. See you here!
Good day, DarkHorse Family: We have four items for students and parents in this message related to ACT testing, Prom Fees, 3/12/18 Curriculum Registration Night and playoffs. First, it is a big day tomorrow for our Juniors. They are mandated to take the ACT for one measure of the CHS Accountability Reporting. We've spent many, many hours prepping for this. The ACT gives ALL students a nationally recognized standardized score. Please reaffirm that all Juniors take this VERY seriously! If your Junior has their own calculator, please bring it. We will provide a snack, but if you have your own preference, feel free to bring your own snack. Please pay your one-time CHS Prom fee of $70.00 prior to March 1st. Prom fees increase to $80 on March 1st. Believe it or not, it is soon time to register for 2018-19 school year classes! CHS will host its student/parent Curriculum Registration Night on Monday, March 12 from 5:30 to 8:30. We will begin sharing information with students on March 8. Please support our DarkHorses Men's Basketball. They play Fairmont on Tuesday, 2/27 at 7:00. This game promises to be the toughest of our season. NCHSAA Playoff tickets are now $9.00 at the door. Go Horses!

Dr. Miller sent a message with three items relating to an update for Report Cards in Incompletes, upcoming Progress Reports, and the March Emergency Weather Drill. First, on Friday, we reissued all report cards that had been processed with Incompletes because test results were being re-normed by North Carolina. If your student had Incompletes on their first report card, they have now a new, final report card. Second, progress reports will be issued late this week for the 3rd Quarter. The CCS Calendar contained an error regarding the timing of progress reports for the 3rd Quarter. Third, the first week of March is National Emergency Weather Drill week. During that time we will conduct an emergency drill to practice our response for a tornado warning. We will shelter as if a tornado may strike. We will also take time that day during lunch to reiterate to the students how we would respond to an active shooter if we were at lunch. The recent events in Florida are tragic! We prepare for such events, but you can not ever be too prepared. Last, congrats go out to our basketball teams! Both teams did well in our new conference. Our CHS Men won the conference and will play as the #2 Ranked 2A Team in the East. We play #31 E. Montgomery at 7:00 p.m. Tickets are $7, gametime is 7:00 p.m. Go Horses!

DarkHorse Families: Thank you for your patience with all of the changes and adjustments to the semester and testing schedule. Teachers and support staff have worked overtime to get the grades completed and testing results entered in an abbreviated time frame. We will distribute the CHS Report Cards to students in an abbreviated Advisory Period at the end of Fourth Block. There are many families who will receive "INCompletes" for Math 2 or Math 3 due to NCDPI re-norming the testing results. We will redistribute report cards when those results come back in. Please also continuously monitor your child's progress through their PowerSchool Portal. Per NC Statutes, we will issue letters of notification to you for NC Driver's License Revocation for failing to pass 70% of classes. Thank you for your support! 

DarkHorse Family, this message contains items related to EOC Saturday Academy, Testing Schedule and Test Proctors. First, due to ongoing inclement and cold weather, we will NOT host our Saturday Academy for Biology, English 2, and Math 1, tomorrow, Saturday, January 6. Teachers will provide additional options for testing prep and review. Please e-mail teachers directly with questions about Biology, English 2, and Math 1. Next, due to missed instructional time, the Semester Exam Schedule is being moved back one day. Our First Block Exam will take place on Friday, January 12. Our testing letter will be updated to reflect new dates. The remaining information in the letter remains the same. Finally, our NC Testing and Accountability system is very rigorous and is only possible through a team effort. We need many, many proctors to add an additional person in testing classrooms for test security purposes. If you would be able and willing to proctor from 7:45 a.m. until 12:00 (or sooner if the testing finishes early), please contact our Front Desk at 910.592.2067 or e-mail We are very thankful for your community support. Please also investigate whether your employer provides community service/support hours. Thank you. Stay safe and warm. Go Horses!

Good evening DarkHorse Families: We have three items in this message related to the Clinton Police Canine, Progress Reports, and the January Testing Schedule. First, we believe in proactive policing and our Clinton PD School Resource Officer and Clinton Administration use police canines as a proactive measure. While your children were in class, we conducted canine searches of lockers and locker rooms. The canine alerted twice and the alerts turned out to be "false positives" we've been in touch with these students and families. We are always appreciative of the expertise of Clinton PD Canine Officers! It is progress report time again. Teachers will send progress reports home on Friday and Monday - depending upon their schedule of project grading and testing (frequently on Friday). Please contact teachers directly through e-mail if you fail to receive a progress report. We ALWAYS encourage ACTIVE personal use of the PowerSchool Parent Portal to login and monitor weekly. Please contact the teachers directly with questions about assignments and grades. Third, on Friday we will send our Testing Schedule Letter home with your student. The letter provide the dates and times of our First-Fourth Block testing schedule and other helpful hints. Go Horses!

DarkHorse Families: Please note that we have updated the Clinton High Student Handbook to clarify and reflect modifications in the Clinton City School Parent/Student Handbook. We have sent a letter home with your student explaining the changes. Please ensure that you download the latest PDF copy of the CHS Student Handbook found online on our site. The Clinton City School Parent/Student Handbook is found online at the CCS Website.

DarkHorse Nation: Please listen for two items from Dr. Miller. First, grades have been finalized today. Report Cards will be distributed on Friday during Advisor. Please keep an active eye out for your students academic progress by using the PowerSchool Portal. You may use the "app" or view through a web browser. Routine (weekly) viewing helps to prevent poor performance. Regular contact with teachers through e-mail reinforces the connection. Please contact CHS Guidance for your login information if you do not currently use this powerful tool. Next, please join the CHS Family for the Miss CHS Pageant on Thursday evening. The poise, leadership, and platform from Miss CHS is a tremendous opportunity for our ten #awesome contestants. Funds from Miss CHS support scholarships. Thank you. Go Horses!


#DarkHorseNation, this message contains two items related Spirit Week and Homecoming Dance. First, the Spirit Week Flyer is attached and on the website. Monday is Class Color Day. 9th = Green, 10th = Orange, 11th = Blue, 12th = Black. Tuesday is Decades Day. Please choose a distinct costume from 90's, 80's, 70's, 60's. Wednesday is America Day AND the Powder Puff Game in DarkHorse Stadium. Thursday is Character/Costume Day. Friday is Black & Gold Day. Plan now to show your #DarkHorsePride. We look forward to a great week culminating in Homecoming and the Homecoming Dance. Our PTSO hosts the homecoming dance. All proceeds go to support CHS PTSO Scholarships and student activities. Representatives will be selling tickets each day in the cafeteria during all lunches. Presale tickets are $15 per person. Tickets at the door are $20.


Good Day, this message contains information about Progress Reports, the Parent Portal, and Homecoming Week Activities. First, we have a new electronic gradebook that has delayed our normal routines for updates. However, we are 4.5 weeks into the semester and progress reports are coming home. Many went home on Friday, with the remaining coming early this week. Please e-mail teachers directly with questions or if you are missing a progress report. Second, if you do not currently check the PowerSchool Parent Portal for grades, you are missing out! With the app or website, you can stay on top of grades to the minute. CHS Guidance can help get this set up if you are a first timer! Lastly, CHS Homecoming begins on Monday October 9 and ends on Friday, October 13 with the football game and PTSO Homecoming Dance afterwards. Please refer to the attached flyer for the daily themes. We will also post the flyer under news and announcements on the website. Go Horses! See attached Homecoming Activities17-18_HomecomingActivities.pdf 


DarkHorse Family: We have notified your students and staff of the fact that a routine Clinton PD canine search and alert on a vehicle resulted in a search. The vehicle search led to the discovery of a duck hunting shotgun in the vehicle. At no time were your students in danger as a result of this hunting weapon being on campus. We take safety & security, and academics seriously and will continue to proactively police the campus and our building. Please review parking policies with your students if they drive to school. Additionally, please thank the Clinton PD for their proactive policing and excellent response to the incident at Clinton High School this morning. Thank you.  


DarkHorse Parents: This message contains information regarding the Code Red Lockdown, PBIS, and Underclass Portraits. First, Monday, September 11 is our Code Red Lockdown. We practice this lockdown to know how to respond in an emergency. We have been preparing your children for this drill for the last couple of weeks. It is imperative to take the drill seriously! If this were a real emergency, we would update you with status calls and give you a location to be reunited with your CHS student. We would most likely reunite you at the Holly Grove Church on Indian Town Road. Second, On Monday, September 25, we will take Underclass pictures with Lifetouch throughout the day. These are the only photos used for the yearbook, so please make certain that you're child is at school and dressed especially nice for the photos. We'll distribute picture package information this week and will distribute the listing of when students will be photographed. Last, we've gotten off to a great academic start. Thank you for your support. A significant part of our work with students this year includes the "soft skills" of Positive Behavior and Intervention Support. Our Renaissance Program combines citizenship, and academics with "doing the right thing at the right time. Our PBIS Team chose Hallway Conduct and Cafeteria Conduct as their two points of focus. Please emphasize to your student that they should always move with purpose from class to class and stay to the right side of the hallway as well. They should be certain to be neat and to clean up after themselves and keep their noise level to a minimum in the cafeteria at breakfast and lunch. We'll send more information about PBIS and Renaissance throughout the year. Go Horses!


Welcome back Darkhorse Nation: Classes begin on 8/28! This message relates to Freshman Orientation, Clinton City Orientation, College Gear Up and Parking Passes. First, all freshmen are invited to CHS on Tuesday, 8/22 from  2:00 to 4:00. The Student Government Ambassadors will spend time with students. There will be no parent session on Tuesday. The Clinton City Orientation takes place from 4:00 to 7:00 on Thursday, August 24. There will be a College Gear Up Session for ALL Seniors and Parents on the 24th. The session will repeat on Friday morning at 10:00. Please note that this week is spent in professional development with Clinton High Staff some services will resume in full when school begins. Parking Passes will be sold on Thursday, August 24 from 2:00 to 5:00 p.m.